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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

SEO is sometimes hard to understand and that is okay! I didn't even know what it was until I took a tour of a marketing firm in Colorado my last year of college. I had never even heard of it. How could it have been that I, a marketing major, was barely learning about SEO my last semester? I was intrigued by the process and I made it a point to educate myself on the topic and now I am going to break it down so that anyone reading this can have a better understanding. I am breaking this into parts so that I don't overload anyone with too much information because, in all honesty, SEO is kind of a hard subject to understand and can be overwhelming, therefore it is super important to understand the basics.

SEO, which is search engine optimization, is a type of method used to gain visitors to a website by being highly-ranked on search engines. Since we are breaking it down, search engines are websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

In order to rank first, there are many things that need to be done, but in all reality, content creation is key. There are certain keywords that trigger a Google search to display your website as a result, but in order to rank higher up (because honestly, how many of us look past the top 10 results?), you must stand out from the rest! In this day and age, we use Google for everything! We have computers that access Google, mobile phones, and even smart speakers where you can interact with Google via a speaker in your home that is connected to WiFi just by saying "Hey Google"... Anyhoo, I could go on and on about this, but the point I am making is Google is everywhere! If your business is not optimized to thrive on Google, then that can be detrimental for business!

So, how can you stand out? There are multiple ways, but one of the major ways you can is by creating relevant content. So, let's say the keywords I need to use to bring awareness to my personal website are "marketing","google" and "seo". How many times have you read those words in this article? You didn't even know it, but I am optimizing my own personal website's search engine results by writing this article. This article is relative content that complements my website. I could also post relevant pictures and make relevant videos.

So, where do you start?

1. Make sure you have a "Google my Business" listing. This free service provides you with a basic website builder, allows you to create posts and view customer reviews. It even gives you insights to your business. Make sure the name, address and phone number are current and accurate. You will need to verify your business, but don't worry, Google breaks down that part really well.

2. Figure out what keywords are suitable for your business. An important free tool you can use is the Google Search Console. It shows you what phrases are being used to locate your website. With that, you can see a trend in words and make those words your essential keywords.

3. Finally, start creating content! Create a blog or a vlog, post pictures or instructional videos! Get creative!

After you do this, and quite possibly after step 2, you can create a Google Ad! Stay tuned for that article!

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