USP?? What's that?!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

No, you read that right, I didn't spell "UPS" wrong. Have you ever heard of USP? It is an acronym for:




Okay, "So what is a unique selling proposition exactly?", you may ask. A unique selling proposition, which I will refer to as USP from now on, is basically what sets you apart from your competitors. So, let's say you own a burger place and there's one down the road from your location. Why should I buy a burger from you? What makes your burger different than the rest? What is unique about your product or the service you provide?

One thing I should point out is that customers value their experience just as much as they value a product. They also appreciate consistency, with regard to their experience, so it is very important that the quality and standard you set be maintained at all times.

Now, how do you come up with a USP? Well, first thing to consider is what is special and important to you? Next, determine how your answer can work for your business. The key is to highlight the benefits that customers may find to be the most meaningful. A marketer can make this process easier because they are trained to do the research needed to help determine the USP. They are able to search within a specific market and determine if anything about a business or brand is unique and what the potential value to customers is.

You have to be able to emphasize that when a customer buys your product or service, there will be a specific benefit that follows.

A professional marketer can help you to determine your USP, in addition to ensuring your advertising strategies are cohesive with your objectives. This will help you to build your brand and stand out!

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