What is copywriting?

First, I would like to point out that Copywrite and copyright are not the same and should not be used interchangeably. Okay, now that we have cleared that up, what exactly does a Copywriter do? What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing professional marketing material. Some examples include emails, websites, brochures, catalogs, pamphlets and more. It isn't the same as writing material for magazines, newspapers or any other type of editorial-style writing. Copywriting inspires people to take action by engaging with content, opting-in to a service or purchasing a service or product.

Can anyone be a copywriter? YES! If you can write an email or a letter, you are 100% qualified to be a copywriter. Some people can learn as they go and others just have a natural ability to write these types of texts. If you are a business owner and can successfully write your own material, do it! Copywriters can be on the expensive side, especially for a really good one, and even though they fully deserve being well-compensated, sometimes businesses just don't have enough money.

How can you be a better copywriter? It can be as simple as researching all of the content that made you personally take action. Did you receive an email from one of your favorite stores that really enticed you and made you want to purchase something, and you did? Have you ever felt the need to comment on a business's Facebook post and engage with others who "like" the page? Use those as examples! Think about how the piece of writing was worded and how it was structured. Did the writer use very expressive and descriptive words? Did they use slang words and hashtags?

Take all of that into consideration and if you practice enough, you'll get the hang of it! If not, you can always call a marketing agency (Like us :D), and we would be more than glad to help you out!

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